This Simple 3-Step Mental Method To Losing Weight CAN Work

Stop Feeling Hungry kindle ebook

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After many failed diets, the author figured out these 3-Simple Mental Method that helped her achieve her goal of losing weight, from 165 lbs to 122 lbs and kept it off for the past 3 years.

Now, anyone who knows me is saying, WHAT in the world do I know about weight lose, when I’ve spent my entire life trying to gain weight; but as a healthy low-weight mom of 3 I can attest that IF you Commit to these 3 Mental Methods sincerely you can achieve the same success as the author!

I’ve always believed in mind-over-matter positive affirmations, and I’ve used them my whole life (not necessarily for weight lose success but for other obstacles in life).

Spiced up with great quotes to support your journey this book was a very quick read. What’s great about this book is that the author offers a disgusting, rich image for you to train yourself to smell the stench and taste how gross the image is shall you fall victim to your own poor-will not to follow-through in your weight lose goal. Since I’ve never been a junk-food person, I don’t like sweets, salty, fat-laden food and have been repulsed by these foods all my life–I know this helps me maintain my weight; so if others can “train” themselves to do the same–you too can lose it.

The author offers a powerful warning of what could be the #1 reason why most diets don’t work. Get this book, and re-read it often until your journey is complete–which doesn’t end with weight lost, but ends with energy-gain, zest of life and life filled with positivity! Don’t believe me!? Invest in yourself and read this book today!

~ My 5-star review.