GIVEAWAY: Wii Fit U or $80 Amazon Gift Card

Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Giveaway Contest

Wii Fit U reinvents fitness fun with the Wii U GamePad controller, Wii Balance Board accessory, and the new Fit Meter. Carry the Fit Meter accessory to track daily activity, then sync it to your Wii U to compare accomplishments online. With over 70 activities, Wii Fit U makes fitness so fun it motivates you to get active and Wii-U-Fit-Giveaway-Picstay active!

I use our Wii Fit U almost every day to complete my 30-Day 1-Hour Exercise a Day Challenge. Remember, it’s NEVER too late to exercise more. So, if you’re here for the first time, please come join me in my challenge! I’m thinking of continuing through June to make it a 60-Day there’s still time!

I wanted this Giveaway to be really awesome! Since I don’t have this version or the Fit Meter yet, I asked my mom if we can give one away; and she agreed.

She challenged me and said, if I finish my challenge (and don’t miss anymore days), she’ll get this for us! How cool is that!? [I only missed one-day, but the next day I exercised for 2-hours to make it up. :-) ]

So, we can compare notes with the winner to see how awesome is this fitness product!

I can’t wait to meet other fit kid chefs this month as we promote Physical Fitness and Sports Month! Enjoy the contest!

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One winner will receive either a brand new Wii Fit U OR a USD $80 Amazon Giftcard.

The winner can choose which prize they would prefer to receive. Shipping times will vary depending on where the winner lives. The winner will be announced via email within 48 hours of the giveaway’s closing date.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of receiving their confirmation of winning, a new winner will be chosen. All winners are chosen at random by Rafflecopter.

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  1. nicole dz says

    Love games and stuff like this that gets kids active and moving. Wonderful!

  2. Colleen Boudreau says

    When I try to sign up for your emails, it tells me that your mailing list is not currently active.

  3. Lynn C says

    I don’t know which I want more: the Amazon money or the Wii. At least I don’t have to decide right this moment. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  4. says

    thank you for this chance to enter. I have a Wii and the Wii Fit U would be an excellent addition. Great way to work out when kids go to bed.

  5. rinku issac says

    wow thats an awesome giveaway ! its getting your excersise while you play ! Love your page .

  6. Paula Ball says

    We walk 1/4 mile to the bus stop every morning & afternoon, so for me that’s a mile a day :) that counts doesn’t it?

  7. DailyWoman (Lacey) says

    Great Educational Information. So important to teach healthy eating.

  8. Betsy Barnes says

    This would have been great when my son was younger. He loved being active and helping me cook healthy meals :)

  9. Emelyn Trevino says

    I need to workout since i’m going to basic training this fall YIKES

  10. Candie L says

    This would give the kids something to do during the summer months. Thank you

  11. MARIA simon says

    thank you this is awesome..i am trying to lose weight so this would be a great help thanks again

  12. Geoff K says

    This would be a great way to kick-start our summer fitness program – thanks for the chance!