The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour a Day Excercise Challenge: Day 8

Today, my family and I were super busy… Wait! I’m not going to give myself an excuse. I didn’t do an hour of exercising today and it’s my fault. I don’t even know what I did today to miss it! We were out of the house from 8:30am – 3pm, then we were out again 5-6pm. Dad came home and we had a nice dinner and fireplace fire.exercise challenge for kids

I really don’t feel like writing this blogpost, but half the challenge was exercising, the other challenge is blogging. So, while I missed the exercising, I’m not going to miss the blogging too!

Lessons Learned of Missing a Day of Exercise

Like Mommy says “this shows I’m human”…”we’re not all perfect”. “Consistency is progress…and that’s worth blogging about and being proud of.” So, tomorrow, I challenge myself to workout 2-hours to make up for today.

So, are you doing better than me? Did you not miss a day yet? Please comment below. Let’s keep each other motivated to finish–because everyone is a winner as long as we cross the finish line…it’s NOT always about with the “first”…but, sure is great is you can!