The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour A Day Exercise Challenge: Day 4

Being Fit is more than just exercising!

After, before, and during your working outs make sure you’re eating healthy. The key to being healthy and fit means to constantly eat healthy and work out. You shouldn’t drink Gatorade while exercising you should drink water! Also, for a exercise challenge for kidssnack have berries instead of chips, and while exercising don’t push just try to enjoy it!

So what did I do today?

Well, when your asking that I know you mean hat  did in terms of exercising. I would still like to share with you that me and my family are looking for a cat! I think that families with pets are much more active, this ca will be my first pet and I will play and exercising with her to make sure she doesn’t end up like my cousins pet cat that’s 23 lb.!

So what did I do today, in terms of exercising?!

Well with all this on my head I forgot, so when we came home at 6:45 I ran outside to exercise(jump rope and stretch like yesterday), but too soon my mom called me in to eat. I only got 40 minutes. So then I just did calisthenic in the house for 20 minutes because it was too dark out.

Today was a close shot! I don’t want you to stop all the important things in life to exercise for an hour but if you have extra time please do! Also comment what you did if you have a little extra, extra time!