The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour a Day Excercise Challenge: Day 9

My first mistake on the blog part…

As you might know yesterday I missed the hour of exercising so I said I was going to do 1 1/3 hours of exercising today. Instead I did 2 hours. Oh, I’m also writing this post, day 10 & 11 on the 12th. So I failed on the blogging exercise challenge for kidsnow too, but I’m still going to write all them and back post. I know I’ll have a few for mistakes at first but I won’t give up because of them.

So what did I do today?

Today I did an hour of NTC, first I did the Get Lean, Conditioning Corps. Then I figured out about the Get Focused part that have 15 minute work-outs were you could focus on one part of your body. I did the 15 minute Sculpted Arms & Ab Burner Workouts.

After that I did an hour of Wii Fit. I really enjoyed doing two hours of PE today. I also feel better now than yesterday knowing that I kind of made up for it. Thanks for not giving up on me because I failed. I mean if all the 30 days I did a perfect hour of exercising then you’d probably think I was lying or a fake… right?

Did you miss a day of exercising? Did you make up for it? If so, how did you find enough time for 2 hours of exercising? Please comment!