The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour a Day Excercise Challenge: Day 20

exercise challenge for kidsToday my whole family left the house at 8 o’clock. First, because we’re home schooled we’re entering a charter school, so we meet up with a counselor. Then, JoJo had a doctor appointment, also my dad works at that hospital so he went to work. Then we went shopping, yes we did all this on a Tuesday! So we came home at 4 o’clock.

When we came home I was so tired. I helped my mom cook, then we ate, then I went outside myself. It was getting dark so I came in a half hour later. No one came outside with me again because my dad actually put the TV on. So what I did was I laid down on the floor next to the TV. I would watch a little TV, then during commercials I would do crunches, situps, bicycle crunches, ect.

What did you do today? Did you find out a why to fit in exercising with TV? Please share how and why! Also don’t forget to share what you did today!