The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour a Day Excercise Challenge: Day 13

Today was a super busy day! We all woke up at 4 o’clock and left home at 9. We went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for the first time! We had to meet up with a consul for a charter school. That means because we homeschool theyexercise challenge for kids give us money to get stuff for our school. It’s just fair, right?!?!

Oh, and I also did my first hour of VA work!!

Anyways, we came home at 4:00 all really tired! I as ready to work out! I did Wii Fit for a whole hour in a row! Well that’s it really! Thanks for reading!

Please share what you did today! It really only takes one sentence… “Today I did NTC for a half hour, and Wii Fit for a half hour!”, SEE!