Straws are Perfect for Smoothies! They’re Healthy Too!

glass straws and cleaning brushMy family and I usually buy a pack of 200 straws at the dollar store once in a while. After we learned how and why it’s healthy to drink with them, my mom started buying them a lot more often. You could read our Special Report: Top 13 Reasons Drinking with a Straw is Healthy (And Fun) For You by signing-up to our Eat Healthy Play Hard FREE Gifts! It’s a “surprise” gift for subscribing to our email list!

Of course, we know makes drinking a lot more fun…but, that’s obvious. That’s why it’s #13. But, aren’t you curious of the other reasons?

 Different Types of Straws

  • Colored straws – The typical disposable straws that every home should have.
  • Neon Straws - Want something more colorful? Go NEON! ;-)
  • Biodegradable Straws - How cool are these? Nice for the green Earth-friendly kids, and they look like candy canes…hey! Maybe it’ll make healthy drinks sweeter! Joking.
  • Silly Loop Straws – I personally don’t like twisty straws. Once we got then, and drank with them while drinking smoothies, the drink didn’t even go through half a loop! After that, while my m0m was cleaning the dishes she couldn’t clean them! Rather than waste them, we realize its a fun way to drink water. Perfect for kids (and parents) who don’t drink enough water! ;-)
  • Glass Straws with Cleaning Brush – When I saw these I was amazed by how cool they were! I first learned about them from our family friends. She sells some on etsy here. Having a small cleaning brush is SO smart!
  • Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush - Mom is actually quite nervous about glass straws, like breaking or chipping, which would be dangerous for kids. So, she prefers stainless steel for reusable long-lasting straws–and, they’re a lot cheaper!

 What are your favorite straws to use? Please share below!biodegradable straws