Rollerblading Is Fun, Yet Amazingly Healthy!

My sisters and I love to Rollerblade; so our mom is going to get us new rollerblades…yay!

So far, we are only rollerblading in our driveway, thankfully we have a big driveway. I want to go on the sidewalk and bike trail, but my Dad said that I have to learn how to stop with my brakes better.

If you haven’t tried rollerblading yet, I think you should. I like it better than bike riding, and I love bike riding! Although, I still think I’m faster when biking. So, I need just a little more practice until I’m really fast and good…at rollerblading.

Do you enjoy rollerblading? Well, did you know it’s good for you? And, just how good?

Well, if you Rollerblade while strongly swaying your arms, like how my Gramma used to power-walk, then you’re including more muscles which increases the demand on your cardiovascular system. That means it’s a great exercise if you include your whole body, not just your legs and lower body.

Rollerblading gives the bug muscles in your legs and the rest of your lower body an awesome workout. Your outer thigh, your inner thigh, your quadriceps, hamstrings, your calves and glutinous maxims (your rear) are very active in this workout!

Here’s an excerpt from LiveStrong’s Article Is Rollerblading A Good Cardio Exercise:

According to, rollerblading burns between 900 to 1,400 calories per hour, depending on body weight. Compare that to 600 to 900 calories per hour jogging at 5 mph, or 300 to 400 calories for one hour of walking at 3.5 mph. The smooth gliding motion of rollerblading reduces impact, placing less stress on joints than many other types of cardio.

Wow! Those are some amazing stats, eh?

If you’d like to read more, check out my reference article, LiveStrong’s Is Rollerblading A Good Cardio Exercise Article HERE.

The best part about rollerblading is that it’s exercise, but it’s just SO fun! You really have to try it!

So, are you going to start rollerblading now!? Please share in the comments below!