REVIEW: The SNAC Cards – Smart, Nutritional, Action Cards for Kids

Yes, I did mean to write snack like that: it’s how you spell SNAC for these awesome SNAC cards. SNAC stands for Smart, Nutritional, Action Cards. The SNAC cards show how different fruits, veggies, and even meats help you. My sisters and I absolutely love the SNAC cards. I like love the cute cartoons they use for the fruits, veggies, and all the other foods!

The first day we got them, JoJo was asking us what each food was. The name of the food is on the other side of the card. So, we starting guessing. We ended up getting 2 wrong: the chicken. I said it was a chicken, but then JoJo kept on saying things like “are you sure” and “you really think it’s a chicken?”. So, then I said it’s a duck. JuJu said the same thing (JoJo knew because she looked).

We also got the Tofu, because we don’t know what it is. My mom knew, but she asked us before she said the answer. Here is a picture of some of the cute fruit and veggies-

Now I’m going to talk about the other side of the card :-)

On the other side they talk about three things for each food:

1) How much should I eat?

2) Inside that apple you get! – Nutritional value, or why it’s healthy for you.

3) Quick Snack or Quick Snack Tip or Added Bonus. For example, for Black Beans they will write 1 cup cooked (tight fist). Isn’t that cute!?

The very first card in the SNAC cards is a card that says all the different categories for all the food, they are

  • Muscle Food
  • Mover Food
  • Brain Food

They also write how much of that food we should eat in each category. For example, it says that you should eat “Size of Child’s Palm” for the Muscle Foods.

They also write about “Water” which they call “Wonderful Water”, and all the bad like sugar and fat which they call “Sludge” even though he is supposed to be bad I think he is adorable. Here is a picture of him-

If you would like to read more about the SNAC cards, or buy them go to there website just click here.We actually met the creator at the Kaiser Permenente Health Fair too. She was SO excited about our Eat Healthy Play Hard program, and my Children Can Cook cookbook; so we’re be partnering with them in the near future! Yay–I mean Yum! ;-)

Stay posted because we’re working with the creator and illustrator in a SNAC Snack Recipe Children’s Can Cook cookbook. If you have any quick, healthy snack recipes to share, please comment below; if it’s delicious we’d love to add it to the recipe book and you’ll be listed as a contributor!

We were offered SNAC cards free for our review, but the opinions are all our own.


  1. corinna says

    The SNAC cards are readily available in our kitchen! My kids love trying to figure out what foods feed which parts of their body!