Review: The Get Fit Book Junior for Kids

We figured out about the Fit Book when we went to the Kaiser Permenante Health Fair. There was a stand for “The Get Fit Book”. We talked a little with the creator and thought it was awesome. She ended up giving one for FREE for us to review after hearing about our “Eat Healthy, Play Hard!” program.  We are all sharing the book and it’s a awesome book. The first thing you do is write done a reward you want at the end of the 4 weeks, then you write what you want at the end of the week. It has 12-weeks, but since there’s 3 of us, we’re going to try it for one-month together.

You also write 4 different goals:

1. is for school like homework,

2. is for home like chores,

3. is for exercise like going outside for 30 minutes, and

4. the last one is for Eating. Since I don’t really drink a lot of milk, my mom put “Add one cup of milk each day”. I did it every single day last week and this week.

If you do the goals, and write what you ate everyday you get a blue star.

At the end of the week, your parents or coach well write how many blue stars they think you should have got at the end of the week. Then, if you reach your goals, your parents (or coach) will give you a red star aka a reward.

A red star is what you have to have by the end of 4-weeks and your parent or coach will also choose how many stars you should have to get your reward. This is all I know so far by using this for 2 weeks :-) So, make sure you keep reading if you want to hear more, okay!?

We received this journal free to review. All opinions are our own.