Review & Giveaway: Skipping And Clapping To The Beat Of Hasbro’s New Twister Rave

twister rave skip-itHasbro’s Twister has recently released a new collection: Rave. Rave is made-up of Skip-It, Ringz, Hoopz, and Stickz. All light-up games, that mostly encourage physical activity! How awesome is that!?

So, What Are We Skipping To?

The New Twister Rave Skip-It, of course! Skip-It is fun game to play with family and friends even though it may be a single player game. Just compete, (and try your best) to beat.

To play Skip-It, you have to first put it on one of your legs. You can either (1) give it a little pus/toss with your hand, or (2) you can start with your leg. #1 is easiest and recommended!  With the leg that the Skip-It is on, just sort of kick it back and forth. With the other, jump and hop on top of it.

When Skip-It changes colors, it means that you’re on the move, and doing well! Getting to colorful (the last level) isn’t easy, at least not in the beginning. Note, you need 3 (three) triple-A batteries for the Skip-It to work and let the colors light up. Otherwise, you can play without it, if you’d like to.

Like I said, it can be hard at first; but it’s addictive! As you get better, you’ll probably become even more addicted, so that you can get your 1st-ever Colorful!

Skip-It is an awesome game for friends, and especially family. My mom was actually the first to play with it to remind us, I think the last time we played was in ‘06! I was the first to get to colorful, but it took like two days to get the hang of it.

And, What Are We Clapping To?

Well, the Ringz, which are actually rings, but with a dash of Rave. That means they light up as you move. This is a bit less “active” than the Skip-It, but just as fun.

Anyways, the “clapping” comes from the fact that we started out by doing some basic hand-moves provided in the pamphlet. Like, snap, twist, snap, twist, snap, twist, clap. Although, it always sounds like *clap*.

And, even though we only have one set of 2 Ringz, my sisters each wore one and started playing some old hand-games (my idea). They started with the easiest of them all, Miss Mary Mac. Then, after JoJo sped up, a JuJu slowed down (a little), they level-up’d until they got to Do-Ray-Me. Do-Ray-Me was a bit harder because they swish their hands, meaning the Ringz clash. I guess it hurt.

But, they got past it, and are now making up their own confusing hand-moves. To make it harder, they dictate their hand-moves rather than teach it. And, to make it even harder, they make it up on the spot. ;-) They find this much more fun, and I don’t think boys would play hand-games…if you’re a boy, would you? Or, do you?

If you have any hand-moves or just some ideas, please share them with us! We’ll try to record a video of our “moves”, and maybe even try yours! So, comment below…with your entry, of course!

So, who’s ready for the giveaway!? Ready, or not, here it is! *Clap, clap, clap!*

Giveaway: Twister Rave Skip-It And Ringz ($28 Value)!

Continue and skip ahead to learn how you could win your very own Skip-It!

Deadline Date:

Wednesday, March 28, 2013 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time

Contest Rules:

  • You must adhere to all the rules as stated. Shall a winner be chosen who did not follow these rules, he/she will not be eligible to win.


  • Why should you and your family (and friends!) win the Twister Rave Skip-It?*

*You must clearly state your answer, otherwise you may be disqualified. We don’t want that happening, do we!?

And, Additional Entries:

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Disclosure: We received the awesome Twister Rave Skip-It and Ringz for review from Hasbro. We only shared our true opinions. We didn’t and don’t lie because its a bad and a unhealthy habit! ;-)


  1. Angela M says

    My family should win because I think it would be a lot of fun! My daughter would just love this.

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    I subscribed to The Sabra Sisters YouTube Channel. Mspandora79

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  3. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to win the Twister Rave Skip-It for my daughter because she loves to jump and anything that lights up.

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    Thank you for the winning email. I sent you a response within the hour, but now I got another email saying you didn’t get my response within the 12 hour limit. Please let me know if you aren’t receiving my emails.