New Kindle “Candie The Kid Chef Book 1: Adventures In The Gargantuan Garden

candie the kid chef cover 1Want your kids to enjoy cooking? Well, here is one little girl that will be your kid’s best friend as they take adventures together to great places. In this book, Candie will be going to a garden–a huge garden. The garden is so big she calls it thee “Gargantuan Garden”. I hope you and your kids will enjoy reading this book just as much as my mom and I enjoyed making it. In this book, you will also have two recipes. You and your kids could make Strawberry Smoothies and Cracked Wheat Salad with your kids!

Here’s the book description on Amazon:

Does Your Early Reader Love Gardening or Cooking? Then, You’ll Love This Colorful and Fun New Fiction Series!

Candie is a six-year old, adventurous middle child who loves food!

In Candie’s first adventure, her parents surprise her on the first day of summer. The family takes a trip to Lymon’s Organic Farm, which Candie always called the “Gargantuan Garden”.

Gardening Lessons for Kids

Candie learns how to correctly pick fresh strawberries and tomatoes while she has fun with her family all summer long.

Her day trips always ends in the kitchen, as she learns how to prepare healthy, delicious dishes.

BONUS: Strawberry Smoothie and Cracked Wheat Salad Recipes Included

Recipes are included in the book to help your little one enjoy becoming a kid chef just like Candie!

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