National Corn Dog Day in National Nutrition Month

corndogJust now I was reading a post on Mashable, when I saw a post called “12 Corney Jokes for National Corndog Day” I oped it because my mom love corney jokes. Then when reading it I saw it was posted today! Well this month is National Nutrition Month too! Isn’t that kinnda weird? I mean corndogs are very, very unhealthy! In National Nutrition Month your supposed to try to stop all those unhealthy habits. I’m guessing that the people celebrating National Corndog Day don’t know it’s National Nutrition Month! I also don’t think the people who made National Corndog Day know it’s national nutrition month.

Some may say “I need a day off, to eat junk food” well then enjoy your 460 calorie corn dog. Yes, one corndog is 460 calories, that means you eat two corndogs and your done with your food for the day. One corndog is also 19 grams of fat, and 7 grams of sugar!