My First Western Riding Class with UPDATES!

Western riding is so cool! We got to ride around barrels and poles on a beautiful gorgeous Grey Fox Trotter. His name is Dakota, Dakota’s Cloud. I’ve rode him faster than I have on any other horses. In one of the first of my classes, I rode a full canter on Dakota.  [I galloped a few times toward the last of my classes, but not too much since we moved.]

I took some pictures on my mom’s phone when it was my sisters’ turns to ride. But, only two of the pictures ended up well and they weren’t with anyone riding him. We can’t forget the camera next time! [We brought the flip camera for all our other classes!]

Barrels &  Poles – ‘Bout Them:

Barrels are set up in a triangle with a barrel at each corner, you ride around them all making a girly-swirly-triangle with circles on each corner. Then, after you ride around the last barrel you race back to the finish line!

Poles are lined up and you have to weave through them and I find this much easier. After riding, Dakota’s always so sweaty that you see saddle blanket & saddle marks!

We also got to see a black Arabian horse nicknamed Max for Maximus–yes, like in Tangled—being trained. He was being trained to listen to orders like kicking means go faster, etc. because he doesn’t listen to his owner, or anyone else except for his trainer. And, guess what? The trainer’s our teacher, Sierra!

 Written in 6/2011- Updated 10/2011