My Favorite Yoga Cards – Yoga Pretzels

Yoga Pretzels for KidsMy sisters and my favorite yoga card set! yoga pretzels cardsIt’s no surprise that Yoga Pretzels is one of Barefoot Books best seller over and over again. We love and use these cards so much, that even though we’re overseas, JoJo found room in our already tightly-packed suitcases just to bring them with us.

The illustrations are cute and not-so-cute at the same time–the characters just grow on you. However, they are colorful and performs their jobs of giving instructions how to do the different yoga poses.

The cards are made from high-quality think cardboard-like paper, and the box is pretty sturdy. Given that it’s traveled the world, our box is well-loved. ;-) The front image gives the title, the final pose, and keywords describing the feelings kids should strive to achieve when achieving that particular pose. The back of the card describes the instructions with multiple pictures to guide you to the final pose.

There are instructions how to use the cards, and our most favorite part of all: there are partner poses to do with my sisters and Mommy! Every opportunity we get, we try to use these yoga cards with extended family and friends as well. You will NOT be disappointed if you get this for your kids, I promise! Hop over to Amazon here to get your set today.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts below! It’s one of our must-used family exercise products. Hope it becomes your family’s as well!