Mike & Sully Love Milk, Check Out Their Milk Mustaches!

At MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, it takes a lot to fuel a day of scaring and nothing scares up successful days more than a breakfast with milk. A glass of milk – with 8 grams of high-quality protein in each 8 oz serving – can help power your monster days!

Check it out: Mike and Sully are working with “got milk”! If they love milk, to help them get the protein to scare, they why wouldn’t you?

Connect to the Milk Mustache community for tips, tools and activities including some creative yummy recipes for the boost of energy your little “monsters” to start the day right.

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I’m sure everyday before the monsters go to school they eat a BIG healthy breakfast. Also, stay connect to get a recipe of Rice Crispies in the shape of Mike & Sully! Or, use the recipe of the original Rice Crispies and make your own creative “Art Sweet”!