Lifelong Journey Of Eating Healthy and Playing Hard

Get Up & GardenBorn and raised in a first-generation Asian household who believed in year-round sports (which was a family activity), eating from their home garden, and sitting down for long family dinners seemed natural and common sense. Groomed for a career in medicine, Ponn received her Bachelors in Biology. But, it was her two minors in Health Policy and Management and  Environmental Health, that started to bring Ponn back to the heart of preventive medicine, rather than through the treatment of medicine.

Ponn took a year off, in which she traveled to Puerto Rico, took a graduate class in Public Health, and interned in a local public health agency. Ponn was convinced that completing her Masters in Public Health in Healthcare Policy and Administration was the right move for her. A month after graduation at the age of 25, Ponn was the youngest appointed public health official in the country (by 9 years her next senior). She received many notable local and national publications and accolades positioning her for an extremely high-profile public life.

After taking a four-month maternity leave for her first daughter, she returned to work for only two months that she realized it was a duty and obligation to her daughter, rather than a sacrifice to leave her near-perfect career. Since 2001, Ponn became a best-selling author, started and sold businesses, traveled the country, Europe, the Middle East, and actively homeschools her three daughters, known as the Sabra Sisters.

Exposed to many lifestyles and customs through living in various countries and part of the country, the Sabras mostly eat a natural Americanized Arab (Middle Eastern) and American diet. Having a work at home mom throughout the majority of her childhood and her mom’s mom living with them for some years, Ponn instills most of all her late mother’s active lifestyle with her girls.

Looking back, Ponn is convinced it DOES always start at home with the mom! Don’t you agree?


  1. Maryam says

    Great article that I can easily resonate with. After a stint of 3 years pursuing basic medical sciences with the intention to start med school in the 4th year, plans changed. We plan and our Creator plans and verily, He is the Best of all Planners. Though I’m not a physician now, my role as a mother and my duties and responsibilities to my family and community is priceless. I love my community health/nutrition job that is extremely flexible, family-oriented, family friendly and with so much fun.
    No one does a better job in raising children than the mother.
    Kudos to all mothers out there who are pouring out their energies, time, talents, and treasures for the total well-being of their most precious gifts – children.

    Motherhood rocks!