INFOGRAPHIC: Easy Weight Loss Tips

My business coach, Kelly McCausey put up a challenge a couple weeks ago, and like many others I waited until the last night to get started. After 2 hours of work (including research), I lost my first version! Then, I hurried my way through an hour for this final product. While not as pretty as my first (with images and colors), it’s now 11:32 PM and mom insists that it’s time for bed. Fortunately, as a homeschooler, she’ll let me sleep in late!

Anyways, I had fun making my first infographic. I had to learn how to cut out A LOT of words to fit the small areas and make them visible. I had to narrow things down to “3′s”. 3 stats, 3 tips, 3 main ideas.

So, these were the best 3 things I wanted to prioritize when sharing with others about Eating More Healthy!


If you’re a blogger and interested in getting monthly infographic templates like this, check out the membership at Image Monthly. Having a template helped me save a lot of time. I know if I had to pick colors, boxes, layout all myself, it’d take longer than the initial 2-hours. I loved playing with all the images, colors, fonts, etc (in my first version), that if I had to pick background and everything else, I would’ve been sidetracked a LOT more and definitely never publish any infographic.

Please share this infographic or comment below to discuss any of the “info” in the ‘graphic’. ;-)

Check out my updated infographic!