GiGi’s 30 Days 1-Hour Exercising Resources

exercise challenge for kidsOn the first day of May I’m going to start a 30-day 1-Hour Exercising series. My family and I have many programs, apps, and websites we use to get moving! So, it’s actually an exercise and blogging challenge. ;-)

Here’s a list of the many things you could do:


  • NTC - Nike Training Club App on iOS and Andriod. My mom and I have done this great app everyday. It’s great!
  • 7 Minute Workout – There are many apps for 7 minute workouts, this is great to do when you wake-up in the middle of the day and a little before going to bed. These are my favorites for Andriod, iOS, and Windows but you could look for some other ones
  • FitOrbit – This is a great fitness app but sadly it’s only on iOS.


Wii Fit U – This includes a Wii U, Wii Balance Board, the Fit Meter and the DVD. We don’t have the Wii U or the meter but just having the Wii balance board is great. I do an hour or more of exercising on this at least 5-times a week.


  • Fitness Blender – There are hundreds of full length videos that you could do anywhere, for many of them you don’t even need dung-bells. This is free.
  • Do Yoga With Me – This is a great yoga website to use instead of Yoga Today that has a bunch of free yoga videos.
  • BeFit YouTube Channel – This is a great YouTube Channel with loads of fitness videos from people like Jane Fonda and Jillian Michaels. Obviously this is free, with 100s of fitness videos! JoJo and I are loving this channel.