The Fit Kid Chef’s 30-Day 1-Hour A Day Exercise Challenge: Day 2

Why Am I Doing This?

I exercise a lot more lately. But, my mom and I were reading about how most kids don’t even do more than a half hour of physical activity a day. exercise challenge for kids

So, I’m going to write a blog post everyday for 30 days to share with you what I did that day and how easy it is. Don’t you dare say you don’t have time because the average kid ages 9 and younger watches 35+ hours of TV a week, over 7 1/2 hours a day! That’s more than how much a French person can work in a week!

So, I’m just asking you to take 7 hours or even 3 1/2 hours in the week to exercise!

Please help stop childhood obesity and start adding more physical activity to your life today.

So What Did I Do Today?

Today we were house cleaning, so much that I forgot about my hour of exercising. At the end of the day when my dad came home from work I as so upset. I ended up doing a 30 minute workout on NTC in my room alone. I also did the 7 minute workout twice.

I think I could put in the hour of cleaning I did because while cleaning I jog from place to place…but, for sure I can add 44 minutes of intense workout and the rest was low-impact.

So, what did you do today? If you were getting to the end of your day, did you give up or just pushed yourself to get the exercise in like I did? I really wanted to do more, but something is better than nothing. Right? Remember, you can add in continuous house cleaning and walking in the mall, as long as you didn’t stop to sit, or eat tons of mall food. ;-)