Garfield Loves Lasagna and So Do We!

Garfield Eats Everything and Anything

Garfield eats everything and anything! But, snowflakes isn’t even close to what this fat cat can handle!

Garfield LOVES lasagna, and I really can’t stress that any more!

And, so do my sisters and I!

My mom used to make lasagna for her brothers when they where growing up. They loved it. My mom made lasagna for my sisters and I for the first time last week. We all loved it.

I had like five servings! I’m not kidding!

Yesterday, my mom made us Manicotti. It looks a lot like Ziti, and the only 2 major differences is that Manicotti is like 10x Bigger and Manicotti is also stuffed with cheese…yummy!

You know, I’m wondering what it would be like to ask Garfield, Hey Garfield, what do you think of manicotti? and what his reply would be!

I think he’ll think they’re too small and an insult to lasagna! How about you!?

Creative Commons License photo credit: bistra1