Four Healthy Breakfast Ideas For the Family On The Run

fruit_smoothie_for_breakfastWe hear it all the time, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the  day”. Unfortunately, many still don’t prioritize it even though reports  show that without a healthy meal to energize your body in the morning,  our body and mind suffer all day long.

After six to twelve hours of sleep, our body and mind aches for its morning fuel to energize it!

We realize not everyone has the luxury of eating nice hot meals each  morning; but the fast food or donut drive thrus are not the appropriate  alternative due to the large amount of fat, sugar and carbs.

Rather than spend 10-20 minutes waiting in line (thinking you’re saving time), why not consider these healthy and quick alternatives for breakfast on  the run.

Four Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Prepare Together and Start Your Day Off Right

1. OatmealNice hot fiber bowl is a great energy booster. There are so  many varieties of flavors in the instant oatmeal packs, or you can be  creative with stovetop boiled oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar, fresh  fruit, or natural honey. The night before, you can have a container read with fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries and bananas that can  be tossed on top for some nice antioxidant power.

2. Fruit smoothiesWe love these particular in the Spring and Summer. At dinner time the night before, you can select and dice up the fruits you want in your smoothie, and set aside yogurts and/or juices you want to  add in for the next morning. All you need to do is pour everything into  the blender the next morning with a bit of ice and/or milk, and in  minutes you have a great morning kick-me-up. Tip: Fill the blender  completely with water and let it sit in the sink during the day. You’ll  be amazed how easy it is to clean up when you have more time when you  come back home.

3. Egg salad sandwich. Boil the eggs the night before and whip it with  mayo, mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. Spread it on toast,  English muffins, or stuff into pitas with celery on the side. Yum, yum!

4. Freshen up your yogurt. Dress up your cup of yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, cracked wheat or ground nuts. All these toppings can  be in containers set aside on the counter or fridge the night before.

Are you still battling with breakfast for your family on the rush?  Hopefully, these quick healthy tips will cause you all to think and  prepare the night before to start your next morning off right together!   Let us know how it goes, and if you have quick meals to share, please  comment below.