Fit Kid Chef Interview Series: Carrie of The SNAC Cards – Introduction Part 1

carrie-for-snac-cardsI’m so excited to introduce you to our family friend,  Carrie of the SNAC Cards. Today begins a 5-Part Interview series sharing her experiences as the creator of SNAC cards, being a nutritionist and active mom of 2 kids.

Hi! I’m so excited to tell you about SNAC!

SNAC is a Jr. wellness program that I created a few years ago  and I created it because I wanted to have fun talking to my kids about food.

Austin and Isabella, my little SNACers, grew up using SNAC’s Fun Food FlashCards all the time.

SNAC’s Fun Food FlashCards offer all kinds of nutritional information about food, like suggested serving sizes and even shows you the amazing way foods can help your body!

The SNAC Jr. Wellness Program places food into three categories: Muscle Food, Brain Food and Mover Food. Each category is equally important!

1. Muscle Foods help your muscles

2. Brain Foods help you Brain, and

3. Mover Foods help keep things moving!

Ways Families Can Use SNAC Cardssnac-cards

There are so many ways SNAC can be used in your family.

  • We use SNAC cards for grocery shopping almost like a scavenger hunt.
  • Each little SNAC can take a card and search for the perfect match.
  • At dinner we pull out the matching SNAC card and talk about how that food is going to help us. Maybe Isabell has soccer game and needs to power up her muscles, or Austin has a science project he is working on and needs to fuel up his brain?
  • I’ve loved how SNAC  has brought out family together at the dinner table to talk about food and our day.

Come back tomorrow as Carrie continues to share how she created the SNAC Cards.

Do you have SNAC cards yet? What are some creative ways you use them with your family?