First Lady Michelle Obama Participates in a Let’s Move! Fireside Hangout on Google+

first-lady-michelle-obama-lets-move-fireside-hangout-googleWhat a GREAT way to start National Nutrition Month! It was the girls and my first Google+Hangout; and here are some of its highlights. First, we Love that they used “Fireside Hangout” after FDR’s “Fireside chats”; and think it was incredibly innovated of The White House. Here are some highlights

  • The Let’s Move campaign stresses the importance of fitness, physical activity, and living healthy lives (eating more nutritiously).
  • The goal of Let’s Move Tour is to educate parents and share information that motivates parents to make healthier lifestyle choices for their families (not necessarily advocacy or making policy changes).
  • It’s not about “body image”, since everyBody has a different body. It’s about improving our overall health and well-being…and we must get this job done one family at a time.

Sounds perfectly aligned to the goals here at Eat Healthy Play Hard!

Happy to have sunny Southern California weather, my girls and I just played soccer. We played monkey-in-the-middle (for 3 of us), keep-away (for 4 of us, 2 against 2), or just active dribbling and passing between 2 of us.

So, what are you doing with your kids to “Let’s Move” Today!?


  1. Maryam says

    I love the “Let’s Move” campaign.

    I work as a Program Assistant for the Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More Program in North Carolina.

    It was an honor when the program was invited to the “Let’s Move” campaign to the White House two weeks ago.
    Though I did not attend, I felt so happy that the impact of the program on the lives of North Carolinians, has been documented and shared with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

    To all those in the health field, specifically in the nutrition/physical activity arena, keep up the good works!