Eat Healthy, Play Hard’s Kid Chef Weekly Tip

Hi, and welcome back to Eat Healthy, Play Hard’s kid chef tip of the week! I’m GiGi and every week I’ll try my best to give you guys two tips every week, one Fit Kid Tip, which will be on fitness and weight-loss, and one Kid Chef Tip, which will be one health and cooking. If you didn’t read last weeks tips of the week then check it out here, and here

Kid Chef Tip:

Everyday drink 2 Tbsp. of Apple cider vinegar. If it’s too strong then mix in some water. This is very good for your stomach. It also cures hiccups, soothes a sore throat, lower cholesterol, clears a stuffy nose, gets rid of dandruff and acne, aids in weight loss and much much more! Read more here.


Read more about apple cider vinigar here, this girl made a lollipop that stops hiccups, one ingredient is apple cider vinegar.