Children Who Cook Eat Healthier and Have Higher Self-Esteem

Children Who Cook Eat Healthier and Have HIgher Self-Esteem - www.EatHealthyPlayHard.comThere’s so much great research showing the benefits of cooking kids, but this and this article on WebMD shares three great long-term benefits of children who cook:

  • They eat healthier
  • Have higher self-esteem, and
  • Less likely to abuse drugs

Other benefits include:

  • more likely to eat fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • less likely to snack on unhealthy foods
  • less likely to smoke, use marijuana, or drink alcohol

Reference KidsHealth from Nemours Health Eating.

So, it became a logical goal of ours to publish our Children Can Cook Cookbook series. While concocting and compiling our own smoothies recipes took us years, we finally set a goal to launch during National Nutrition Month this month, and we achieved this goal.

Launched Children Can Cook Cookbook #1: My First Smoothie Recipe Book.

We’re doing great, too! Ranking #1 in various categories, such as:

  • Children’s Health

  • Children’s Diet and Nutrition

  • Children’s Cooking

  • Children’s Sports and Activities
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The eBook is only free until Wednesday, March 27th, so share and download it as soon as possible!

More About the Cookbook (from our Amazon Kindle salespage):

Each Recipe Was Made By Kids For Kids.
Making smoothies is a great way to introduce kids to the joy of cooking, and exploring various healthy foods. Make these healthy recipes while singing fun poems such as,

Making smoothies is fun, and the end-product is healthy.
These recipes were created to be nutrient-wealthy!
They’re simple and quick, and doesn’t make too much of a mess,
We created a family activity that increased our overall happiness…

Chapters Include:
* Citrus Smoothies
* Berry Smoothies
* Vegetable Smoothies
* Yogurt Smoothies
* Dairy Smoothies

…So, what do you say? Ready to make a smoothie today?
Okay! Let’s start making smoothies in our special kid way!

You can download a FREE MP3 audio recording of all the Smoothie Rhymes and Rhythms, Coloring Pages and More with your purchase of this Kindle ebook.

Sample Coloring Page: