Children Can Cook: Tuna Fritters!

I’m happy to say that this is my first time I am sharing one of my very own recipes and posting it. As you might know, I am a big foodie. It is in my bio, you can read it when you finish reading this post and reach the end.

So I came up with this recipe…I’ll save the story for later. I’ll share the recipe with you first. :-D

This is the cute image my sister, JuJu, made for Children Can Cook…You like it?

Tuna Fritters:

Makes- 6-9 Fritters (depends how big or small you make them)
Snack or Side Dish
Serve with celery & carrots (It was the only vegetables we had, since we were moving and it happened to be really good! ;-) )

10 oz.v of Tuna or 2 cans of Tuna
3 Teaspoons Lemon Juice
½ tablespoon mayonnaise
½ tablespoon ketchup
¾ cup (your own) fresh bread crumbs
2 teaspoons flour

Kitchen appliances:
Medium bowl
Small bowl
A big pan (or use the fryer that is what we did)

2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoons Thai Chili garlic paste (you can use a sweet Thai Chili if you want)

How to make the Fritters: Mix up everything in a medium size bowl, then shape the fritters into medium size fritters (or small ) cover them with flour. Then…

ADULT: Deep fry the tuna fritters for about 2 minuets or until golden brown.

How to make the dip: Mix everything in a small bowl (very simple! :-) )

TIP FROM THE SABRA SISTERS: Make sure you have a plate ready for mom/dad while they deep fry the Tuna Fritters…this is the mistake we made the first time!

Okay, so there it is.

And, now, here’s the story:

I was at the library, and looked at lots of cook-books. I only found a few that seemed good. But, one book was really, really good! It is called “My Favorite RECIPES” by Annabel Karmel. That book had lots of good recipes!

I came-up with my own recipes by looking at other recipes and changing it up a bit (or a lot). That’s what happened with this recipe. For this one, I happened to make a lot of changes.

If you like to cook and you never made up your own recipe before, I hope this post motivates you to get started! And, if you don’t really cook, my only advice is that you should! It’s really fun!

So, what do you think about the recipe? And, about the story? I hope I motivated you! Also, remember to Play Hard after eating! But, not right after! ;-)