Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

These are pretty flowers but one thing I love about them is that they bring back memories, like we have a video of me sitting next to them with my grandma eating corn while she's reading me a story.  Also every time I leave … [Read more...]

Papa’s front yard

Green grass

So many memories running around this yard--even before I could walk Gramma would carry me in a babysuit and run through the sprinklers during summer. We have videos of my crying...boy, do I miss Gramma. Anyways, we run … [Read more...]

My Pear Tree

The Pear Tree

This pear is from my pear tree, just like how JuJu has a peach tree I have a pear one, once we have so many pears we gave bag of pears around 5 pounds in weight! I actually don't like pears but these are the only pears I eat, … [Read more...]

The Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

This is the plant that out baby tomatoes come from, to see the the outcome see the post Baby Tomatoes. The tomatoes are so cute, as my baby cousin would say to me, "Look at the baby, It's so cute!".   … [Read more...]

The Hide & Seek Bush

The Bush

This bush is at our grandpa's house, that house in kind-of like a second house to us. This bush is the best hiding place ever! I remember ones my uncle can and we were playing hide & seek I literally had one second left … [Read more...]

Baby Tomatoes

Baby Tomatoes

These are some baby tomatoes which are also from my papa's garden, they're not much to see, but they taste amazing! Their is one that is green I picked it because it is good when you just keep it on the window sill until it … [Read more...]

Sunlight through the Tree

Sunlight through the Tree

This is a picture of the sun light going through the tree, also that tree has a swing attached to it behind that building(which is the garage). It first was a tire swing that my dad used to swing on... Ahhhhhhh memories. … [Read more...]