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Eat Healthy Play Hard Family Starter Kit

This five-book set introduces families to the “Eat Healthy Play Hard” lifestyle which includes creating knowledgeable kid chefs who love gardening and exercising with the entire family.

  1. Children Can Cook Cookbook Book 1: My First Smoothie Recipe Book. Did you know kid chefs eat healthier and have higher self-esteem? It’s never too early to get kids helping in the kitchen. What better way then making nutritious and delicious smoothies!?
  2. Candie the Kid Chef: In the Gargantuan Garden – Explore neighborhood garden and learn how Candie becomes a kid chef with the fruits and vegetables she harvests at the end of summer. Candie uses recipes from our Children Can Cook Cookbook series.
  3. 51 Fitness and Yoga Exercises for Kids – Family Fun in 5 Minutes or Less. For Ages 4 and up.
  4. Healthy Hannah and Playful Pete: The Great Race. Learn how a twin sister helps her brother change his lazy, video-game-playing, junk food-eating bad habits once and for all. These twins are the characters depicting all the different stages of the 51 Fitness and Yoga Exercises for Kids book.
  5. Weight Loss for Kids: 73 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity. Starting off with 22 Reasons Why Kids are Fat, this book shares many practical tips and lifestyle changes that can be applied in minutes. Starting from eating all family meals, grocery shopping and exercising together, this book is for the whole family!

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