America Is One Of The Fattest Country’s

Studies show that if America doesn’t do anything about their eating and health habits than by 2030 half of the adults in America will be obese! Stats show that about 30 percent of adults and about 16 percent of children age 2 to 19 are obese. The total of U.S. healthcare spending is at about $2.7 trillion, but I guess it’s not enough, it’s obvious their not spending it on the right things. In 2012, some states have an adult-obesity rate over 30, where as Mississippi, with the highest adult-obesity rate,  at 34.9 percent and Colorado, as the lowest obesity rate, at 20.7 percent.

In America 62.5% of the white adults are obese, 71.7% of the black adults are obese, 68.2% for Hispanics, 40.9% of the Asians/Pacific Islanders, 68.9% of the American Indians and Alaska Natives, and 62.0% for others. These are very sad stats and no one is doing anything about it.  This is mostly because of fast food. One great book that I would suggest for someone who is in a “rush” at lunch and dinner(or even breakfast) is Eat This, Not That. It’s a great book that tells you what to eat instead of other things. Such as you should eat “Subways Steak & Cheese Sub” instead of  “Quiznos Prime Rib and Pepperoni Sub”, by just doing this simple switch you could save 240 calories and 26g of fat! They also give some fast food joints grades. Like they give The Cheesecake Factory an F, and McDonald a B+!

By getting this they say you could lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds in a year, no diet needed! Some people even lose up to 70 pounds. You can find their success stories and more in this book! You could loss weight with-out dieting AND still eat out! Don’t let America be the fat anymore. Start with yourself friends and family!